Monday, March 30, 2009

The Open Cloud Ruckus in verse (compliments of RoboPoem)

For those of you have missed the fuss over the Open Cloud Manifesto, a veritable Greek Tragedy, and are even less inclined to read the voluminous email trail of pronouncement, criticism, critique, hysteria, fear and even rational discourse (in some small amount), here are the events in 4 poems as the result of google cloud group texts cut-and-pasted, then translated to verse by the wonderful RoboPoem.

Note: I first did this last Friday night, but did not want to pile on Reuven Cohen anymore than was happening. We are both at the Cloud Computing Expo today and he assures me he will take no umbrage.

I. The Manifesto
Cloud providers must work together dot
That the challenges to cloud adoption chant grapeshot
Portability applicability
immeasurable applicability
Addressed through open collaboration puff
Appropriate use of standards dress rebuff
Providers must not use their market heady
Lock customers into their sate unsteady
And limiting their choice of providers snout
Providers must use and adopt though redoubt
Wherever appropriate the it foghorn
Invested heavily in escalade stillborn
And standards organizations there dought
Need to duplicate or reinvent clinch got
When new standards or adjustments to hemstitch
Are needed we must be judicious astrology deathwatch

II. The Backdrop of Events
I define cloud computing as elastic vein
Resources' with a value'added stack cell arraign
Providing ha linear reincorporate
Etc' a all accessed by a scum alleviate
In theory' apps running on the same cloud should be braids
Share americanization choroids
Have mentioned in the definition of cloud game
Done in today's data centers a data nan frame
Be elastic today infact quite a ravishing
Been working on grid/utility/on walk absorbing
Centers for atleast 10 years they are also nephrons
On a pay'as'you'go model' many course gridirons
Especially in the enterprise world have slurred
Scalability automatic disjoint cowherd

III. The Furor
Hi to all' i think this rooster
Getting nowhere fess blaster
Feel i must express my doom
Think the whole weighting showroom
Not really obeying
Whether chaffered displaying
Lead this thing in new york trig
He is the leader oat dig
What anybody has played
About it he started pope fade
Thing and he has my vote beech
Regarding the reside preach
With microsoft' the outdid
The way things are dye outdid
Why the secrecy i yore
Are at a warm sophomore
This industry where we twice
That open tent sacrifice

IV. The Apology
Dear friends' it is with an eye fireside
Open future that we bay eyed
Many apt criticisms sneak
The cloud computing nor relique
Ccif and the difficult shabby
Which this abolishers clubby
Itself' as the organizers of crew
We would like to make our scab blue
The following letter is feet
Edict or decree berth deceit
A heartfelt attempt to reach lapp
Our fellow ethyl overlap
So we might begin to move smear
Events and complied anywhere
Our options' an apology while sup
This week's metaphysical up
Well argued posts one expanse
To inevitability trance

This covers the gist of the events. You should now be up to date.
I for one, am getting back to work.


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